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I am a single momma of 1 fun-loving son, Austin! I started my journey with oils in 2012 when looking for natural alternatives with no chemicals to support my son and his nervous system. This was a challenging time for us to find the right direction when we were blessed with someone introducing us to Essential Oils! Fast forward to 2016 and my new path and journey with Young Living

I couldn't be happier with this change as the YL support system is unbelievable. I made the jump with Young Living as they are the only company to offer the Seed to Seal guarantee and that ensures I am giving my household nothing but the best EO'S to help keep us above the wellness line. I may have started using oils for just my son but now I use them for everything! I am excited to have you join me on this journey into oils and these little bottles of awesomeness

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Just a few short years ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you about the toxins in literally everything Americans are consuming, slathering and inhaling. But today, I can tell you a little. There are definitely a million people who know more than I do but NO ONE who will teach you from right where you are today FUNLY. Know more than me already? YASSSS. Teach me what you know! I'll teach you what I know and we will have a great time doing all of it. I am particularly great at teaching you about natural living, making you laugh AND definitely REAL GOOD at helping you create abundance from what you learn. Sound fun? 

thieves household cleaner 14.4 fl oz

Valor Essential Oil 5 ml

Vetiver Essential Oil 5 ml

Peppermint Essential Oil 15 ml

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3 drops Orange essential oil, 2 drops Bergamot essential oil, 2 drops Grapefruit essential oil, 2 drops Lime essential oil, 1 drop Eucalyptus or Wintergreen essential oils

grouch be gone for kid & adults

In your Young Living diffuser put in the appropriate water as stated on the diffuser directions. Then put 8 drops of Orange Essential Oil and 3-4 drops of Thieves Essential Oil. Use more or less based on your preference.

happy immune booster diffuser blend

¼ cup Epsom salt, 2 drops Copaiba essential oil, 2 drops PanAway® essential oil blend, Warm water
Directions: Mix Epsom salt and essential oils in a small bowl. Add salt mixture to warm water.
Sit back, relax, and let your feet soak for 15–30 minutes.

tropical resort foot soak

4 drops Lavender essential oil, 2 drops Cedarwood essential oil, 2 drops Vetiver essential oil, 2 drops Geranium essential oil

dream land express diffuser blend

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